NZACE Legacy

The following outlines key contributions NZACE and associated members have made, and are continuing to make, in the national and international arena of cooperative work-integrated education.

Journal: Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education (APJCE)

  • 2015 First special issue for WACE (World Association for Cooperative Education) Research Symposium
  • 2013 First special issue for Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) conference
  • 2012 First year the journal publishes four issues
  • 2009 APJCE publishes three issues in a year
  • 2009 APJCE applied for registration and ranking on the Australian Research Council (ARC) list of accredited journals and achieved a B ranking
  • 2000 APJCE publishes its first issue supported by NZACE


  • 2014 Ako Aotearoa Good Practice Publication award to Andy Martin [graduate insights]
  • 2014 Karsten Zegwaard contributes to the first chapter of HERDSA Guide on Work Integrated Learning in the Curriculum
  • 2011 2nd International Handbook of Cooperative and Work Integrated Education, co-edited by Richard Coll and Karsten Zegwaard
  • 2004 1st International Handbook of Cooperative Education, co-edited by Richard Coll and Chris Eames
  • 1998 Publication for developing a programme co-authored by Dave Hodges and Peter Coolbear.
    Hodges, D., & Coolbear, P. (1998). Developing a cooperative education programme in New Zealand: An outline guide
  • 1996  Research project on benefits of WIL results in publication
    Kumar, M. (xxxx). What are the benefits of cooperative education?

Doctoral Studies

  • 2016 Patricia Lucas PhD (Critical reflection in Cooperative Education)
  • 2014 Jenny Fleming PhD (Stakeholder engagement)
  • 2013 Nick Wempe PhD (IT project-based learning)
  • 2012 Brenda Lloyd PhD (Use of internet applications for dissemination of knowledge for career  development)
  • 2010 Dave Hodges PhD (WIL assessment)
  • 2009 Sharleen Howison PhD (Applied management coop)
  • 2003 Chris Eames PhD (Science & technology coop)

New Zealand Keynote Speakers at National and International Events

  • 2015 Karsten Zegwaard – ACEN South Australia/Northern Territory Think Tank.
  • 2014 Karsten Zegwaard – panellist at the first WACE international research symposium, Sweden.
  • 2013 Andy Martin – invited speaker for Ako Aotearoa stream at HERDSA conference, Auckland.
  • 2013  Karsten Zegwaard – Australasian Association for Engineering Education conference.
  • 2013 Richard Coll & Andy Martin – Ako Aotearoa strategic forum, Wellington.
  • 2012 Richard Coll – 9th WACE international conference, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 2012 Richard Coll – 15th New Zealand Association for Cooperative Education Conference, Hamilton.
  • 2012 Andy Martin – International Applied Learning Forum, University of Ballarat, Australia.
  • 2009 Richard Coll – 3rd annual work-integrated learning symposium, Brisbane, Australia.
  • 2004 Richard Coll – WACE International Symposium on Work Integrated Learning, Trollhättan, Sweden.


  • 2014 Katrin Gleichauf of Auckland University of Technology 1st inductee to the WACE student Honor Society
  • 2013 Richard Coll and Karsten Zegwaard awarded the Ralph W. Tyler Award by Cooperative Education and Internship Association (CEIA) for outstanding research publication. The award recognised the second edition of the International Handbook of Cooperative and Work Integrated Education.  It was unusual for the award to be given for an edited book.  It is the only time that one person has received the award twice
  • 2007 Allister McLay Best Paper Award established in memory of Allister McLay of EIT for a paper presented at the NZACE conference
  • 2003 Richard Coll awarded the Donald MacLaren award for the internationalization of cooperative education by the World Association for Cooperative Education (WACE)
  • 2001 Richard Coll awarded the Ralph W. Tyler Award for excellence in research for cooperative education by the USA-based Cooperative Education and Internships Association

Significant appointments within universities

  • 2012 Academic Fellowship in Applied Learning awarded by Massey University to Andy Martin
  • 2010 Richard Coll promoted to Professor of Cooperative Education at Waikato University

Research projects and funds

  • 2011 Ako Aotearoa funding award to Andy Martin [WIL template]
  • 2009 Ako Aotearoa funding award to Andy Martin [graduate competencies]
  • 2008 Teaching & Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) funding award of over $100,000 led by Richard Coll
    Coll, R.K.,  Eames, C., Paku, L., Lay, M., Ayling, D., Hodges., Ram, S., Bhat, R., Fleming, J., Wiersma, C., & Martin, A. (2008). An exploration of the pedagogies employed to integrate knowledge in work-integrated learning in New Zealand higher education institutions
  • 2002 Database of Co-op programs in New Zealand produced on CD.  The two previous editions were produced in book format.


  • 2004 Second Asia Pacific Conference of Cooperative Education hosted in New Zealand (following which ACEN was formed in Australia)
  • 1999 First NZACE refereed conference proceedings published
  • 1998 First NZACE national annual conference held
  • 1994 First Asia Pacific Conference hosted in New Zealand
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